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Education, infrastructure, and inequality

You have to love the so-called “librul” media in Texas. Already trying to make the governor’s race about pro-GOP wedge issues and not issues that matter to most Texans, like education, infrastructure, and inequality. From the DMN, Guns, gay rights could be factors in Wendy Davis run for Texas governor.

Enter Wendy Davis. As a member of the Fort Worth City Council, she was responsible for adding sexual orientation to the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance. And she promoted a ban on the gun show loophole, which allows sale of firearms without a background check.

Democrats have seized on missteps by Republican front-runner Greg Abbott as evidence of a GOP “war on women.” Abbott thanked a supporter for a Twitter message that called her “retard Barbie,” and his top political adviser sent out a link asserting that Davis is “too stupid to be governor.”

That pretty much does it: guns, gays and girls.

Still, some things have changed. There are five women governors, four of them Republicans. As for gay rights, polls suggest growing support among Texans — especially young Texans. Guns, however, could be a problem.

There’s a sense that if the GOP tries to run on the same tired themes of hating the federal government and making absolutely no effort to help poor, working, and middle class Texans – all the while continuing to coddle the wealthy, big business, and corporations with their cronyism – that it might not work out well for them this time.

Sooner or later the people of Texas will demand change. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather then later. Hopefully the Democrats in Texas will run a campaign to fix what the GOP has been neglecting for two decades now – education, infrastructure, and inequality.


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