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The question for Wendy Davis is no longer will she or won’t she run, but can she win?


Can Wendy Davis win the Texas governor’s race?

8 glimmers of hope for Wendy Davis in her bid for governor of Texas.

What Wendy Davis needs to win uphill race for Texas governor.

5 reasons Wendy Davis just might win the Texas governor’s race.

Wendy Davis is in (and She Can Win!).

Three Reasons Wendy Davis Can Win, Three Reasons She Can’t.

Davis is running and she can damn sure win.  As you read above she has the best attributes any Democrat running for Governor of Texas has had in decades.  Yes, decades!  Since Ann Richards ran.  She has a national profile, she’s inspired many, and she’s likely at least be competitive in the money race.

But what she must have is a grassroots army, a message that clearly differentiates her form her opponent, and for people to take to heart her message of being a voice to the voiceless.

Turns of phrase like these:

“But I worry that the journey I made is a log steeper in Texas for young people today.”

“There are too many young people yearning to continue their own educational journeys are turned down for grants and loans because state leaders have turned a deaf ear to them and blocked their paths.”

“Until the families who are burning the candle at both ends can finally make ends meet, we will keep going.”

The frame she’s using is that while Texas has been prosperous in recent years, it hasn’t been prosperous for everyone.  It’s gotten harder and harder for many Texans to get ahead, or even just stay afloat.  And there is no one in state leadership addressing those concerns.

Several times in her speech she used the term everyone.  Once she referred to, “The promise of a better tomorrow for everyone.”  The clear implication being that those who currently run our state are not.  And it’s not hard to understand that the Texas GOP is an exclusionary party. (See Voter ID, Medicaid expansion, for examples).

People without health care because of Rick Perry and the wing nuts stance against Medicaid expansion, need to realize that Wendy Davis is the only one running for Governor of Texas that will bring Texas taxpayer money back to Texas, and insure Medicaid expansion happens in Texas. It’s the difference between life and death for some and the morally right thing to do.

Whether the media, the GOP, or the wing nuts in Texas think Davis can win I could care less.  Wendy thinks she can win and it looks like many in Texas, who haven’t voted or cared in a long time believe she can win.  And the only time she might be leading this race is when the elections is over.  But that’s the only time that counts.


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