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Wouldn’t it be beautifully ironic?

There’s one ironic twist that came to mind over the last couple of days as, I’ve read about and mulled over Wendy Davis’ chances of winning the race for Governor of Texas.

It was Greg Abbott’s redistricting shenanigans that forced the 2010 primaries in Texas to be held much later then usual.  That allowed Ted Cruz the time needed to force Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst into a runoff election for US Senate.  A race which Dewhurst ultimately lost.

The irony is that it could be David Dewhurst’s lack of control of the Texas Senate during Wendy Davis’ filibuster that propelled her into the national spotlight and into the Governor’s race.  A race where she ultimately beats Greg Abbott.

It would be beautiful irony if these two bumbling GOP politicians wind up screwing each other out of their aspirations for higher office.


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