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Must See TV – Let the party switching begin

Judge Carlo Key. Be sure and check out his web site, www.judgecarlokey.com.

There’s probably many, many more Republicans that feel like Judge Key. BOR has more, Texas Judge Switches to Democratic Party: “The Republican Party Left Me”. Includgin these three statements.

“I’m not surprised. Republican state leaders in Texas have moved so far out of the mainstream. They have become so divisive that fair-minded Texans are turning away. Judge Key is a prominent and respected public official, so his actions appropriately draw attention, but every day I hear from people who formerly supported Republican candidates, but now won’t do it.”-Matt Angle, Lone Star Project


Look at the vote last week in Congress — where every single Texas Republican voted in favor of keeping the government closed and keeping Texans out of work without a paycheck. It was a vote of ideology over pragmatism and principle.
This is exactly the problem with Texas Republicans, who care more about doing what’s best for them instead of what’s best for us. That’s why we’re fighting so hard to take the partisans in power out of office in Texas and in D.C.-Gilberto Hinojosa, TDP Chair


We want to personally welcome Judge Key to the Democratic Party and recognize his courage in making this decision. Judge Key has proven to be a fair and principled judge and we know that this decision was made with much thought and deliberation.Today’s decision by Judge Key is more proof that the Texas GOP is a party in decline. It’s not surprising since the Republican Party has been taken over by radicals, driving more and more folks to believe that Texas Democrats have the right approach to governing.

Senator Ted Cruz put hundreds of thousands of folks and businesses out of work by forcing a government shutdown; Lt. Governor David Dewhurst made promises to take away educational benefits from Latinos; Governor Perry vetoed Texas’ law that would have ensured women receive equal pay for equal work in our state.
Texas Democrats work every day to put Texans first and create the opportunities that allow folks from every walk of life to pursue their American Dreams.

Congressman Joaquin Castro and State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer

The first, but hopefully not the last.


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