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Democratic candidate news in Williamson County

Louie Minor for Congress Logo

The first Democratic Party candidate announcements in Williamson County are starting to come in. Louie Minor is running against John Carter in Congressional District 31.  He will be officially announcing his campaign on Thursday, November 07, 2013.

Louie Minor Jr. is a Captain in the Army Reserves, a combat veteran, and a native of Central Texas. Born and raised in Belton, TX, Louie is a third generation Latino-America, and the first generation in his family to graduate from college.

As an Iraq War veteran, Louie has dedicated his life to public service, and understands the needs facing our troops and our country. His passion for service drives him to create the change we need to ensure fair and equal representation in Washington.

Louie wants to ensure all Americans can succeed and create a better life for their families, and knows from experience what it takes to accomplish the mission. Through fixing our economy, improving education for our children, supporting our veterans when they come home, and protecting the civil rights of all Americans, Louie strives to ensure that both our State and our Country are as strong as they can be.

As a proud father with a decade of military service, employment with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Louie is the best candidate and has the passion to create a better life for those in Texas, and a better America for all.

There’s also news that Democrat Eddie Hurst, Jr., will run for Williamson County Commissioners Court, Precinct 2, First Democratic candidate announces 2014 bid in Williamson County.

Eddie Hurst, Jr., a Democrat who says he’s in favor of increased support for veterans, bringing a rail line to Williamson County and higher taxes when they’re necessary, has announced that he’s running in 2014 to oust Commissioner Cynthia Long.

He is the first Democratic candidate in the county to publicly state he’s seeking office next year, said Karen Carter, chair of the Williamson County Democratic Party.

For the most part, the current county commissioners have won election after election against their Democratic challengers by a margin of at least 10 percent. In 2008, though, Commissioner Lisa Birkman inched out Democrat Mike Grimes by just 321 votes.

Hurst, 52, who owns the CAD Man Design and Building Group and has sat on the Cedar Park Planning and Zoning Commission and Austin’s Construction Advisory Committee, said he thinks gubernatorial candidate Sen. Wendy Davis’ rising star will give the Democratic party a boost in a county that’s a Republican stronghold.

In 2012, Hurst lost a bid to become Cedar Park’s mayor, and two years prior, he was defeated in a race for a City Council seat. Then, his campaigns were funded by a couple hundred bucks from his own pocket, Hurst said, but this time around, he’s looking to build a team of about 25 people and raise $20,000.

Long had $47,789.56 in her coffers as of July, according to the latest campaign finance reports.

In 2010, Long beat her Democratic opponent, Jim Stauber, with 66.7 percent of the votes. When asked what she thinks Hurst’s chances are at beating her, Long said, “Pretty slim.”

While Hurst certainly is facing an uphill battle, especially running against an entrenched GOP incumbent, it’s long past time to get some new people, and accountability, on the WCCC. And Long would do well to remember, Pride goes before disaster, and a haughty spirit before a fall. That’s a good start for Democrats in Williamson County, hopefully there will be more announcements soon.


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