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A few items regarding yestereday’s election

Yesterday’s election was nothing to gauge the efficacy of the Voter ID law on.  It was an extremely low turnout election.  It’s the higher turnout, general elections where widespread  issues will arise.  But it’s impossible to say this law insured there’s less fraud on Election Day, since there wasn’t any to being with.  I think the affidavit issue is a bit overblown, (initialing a box isn’t a big deal), but then again I didn’t have to do it.  Voter ID is still a solution in search of a problem, that’s causing unnecessary issues.

Every statewide proposition passed, most by well over 70%.  Therefore expect the GOP controlled Lege to continue abdicating responsibility for any “spending” and trying to shift it onto the voters.  Turnout statewide was a shade over 8%.  This is no way to govern.

Everything sailed through in Williamson County as well.  Road (65%) and park (55%) bonds both passed. Turnout was a little better at almost 11.5%.   Round Rock passed several for fire stations, parks, libraries, and a police and fire training facility.  More, Williamson County voters approve bonds for roads, parks.

In HD-50, choosing former Democratic state Rep. Mark Strama’s replacement, will go to a runoff.

Nationwide it was a mixed bag

Crooks and Liars has this Election 2013 Roundup.

From the American Prospect, What Have We Learned from the 2013 Elections?


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