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Thoughts on Texas Democrats statewide candidates

The Texas Democrats have the best statewide ticket they’ve had in over 10 years.  They have candidates in almost every race, (missed a few court races).  And there will also be primary challenges in several of them.   The Texas Tribune has a list of many of the candidates here.  A big surprise for Democrats came when a GOP judge decided to switch parties and run as a Democrat, Fort Worth statewide judge switches parties from Republican to Democrat.

Longtime Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Lawrence “Larry” Meyers announced Monday that he is leaving the Republican Party to run as a Democrat for the Texas Supreme Court.

Meyers, of Fort Worth, filed Monday on the last day of filing to seek Place 6 on the Supreme Court, currently held by Jeff Brown.

“I am thrilled to welcome Judge Meyers to the Texas Democratic Party,” Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said. “I am even more excited to know that Judge Meyers doesn’t stand alone. Every day, I hear from real voters that our party represents the strongest path forward for our state.

“Texas is changing and voters will continue ot reject a Republican Party more focused on ideology than ideas.”

Meyers’ party switch makes him the first statewide Democratic officeholder since 1998.

More excitement came when a member of the Texas GOP, nuttier than Ted Cruz, decided to get into the US Senate race against incumbent John Cornyn.  He’s currently a member of Congress and his name is Steve Stockman.

It does not look like Congressman Stockman is going to hold back against Sen. Cornyn. Congressman Stockman has called for impeachment of President Obama for just promising gun reform and regulation and compared the President to Suddam Hussain. More recently, Congressman Stockman’s campaign offices were found to be a death trap for his campaign workers. In his first stint in congress, Congressman Stockman suggest the Clinton administration raided the Branch Davidian compound in Waco to justify an assault weapons ban and brought Ted Nugent as his guest to President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address.

Looks like an interesting dude. I’m not sure even the Texas right-wing is crazy enough to vote for this guy over Cornyn, but we’ll see.

Here in Congressional District 31 Democrat Louie Minor is running against incumbent tea party GOP’er John Carter.

The strength of the statewide ticket comes at the top for Democrats.  Having a two very well qualified candidates for Governor and Lt. Gov. like Wendy Davis and Leticia Van De Putte, is a great start.

Five Democrats have filed to run for US Senate.  The three top candidates are seen to be David Alameel, Michael Fjetland, and Maxey Scheer.

Sam Houston is running for Texas Attorney General.

Mike Collier is the Democratic candidate for Texas Comptroller.

John Cook is running for Texas Land Commissioner.

There are three Democrats on the ballot for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Hugh Fitzsimons, Kinky Friedman, and Jim Hogan.  Yes, that Kinky Friedman.

Steve Brown and Dale Henry will run against each other for the Railroad Commissioner.

Bill Moody is running for Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.  The aforementioned Judge Myers in Place 6, and Gina Benavides for Place 7.

John Granberg is running for the Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3.

And a little closer to home Diane Henson is running for Chief Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals.

That’s the rundown of the Democrats on the statewide ballot in Texas. The success or failure of these candidates will be similar to the fates of the candidates in Williamson County.  Much of it will rest of the efforts to organize, register and get out new voters to the polls.  Having Battleground Texas involved will help out.  There are many in Texas who have been reflexively voting for the GOP candidate.  Many of them may be open to voting for a Democrat for the first time in a while.

That’s why it’s key for Democrats to show voters that there are key differences between them and their GOP counterpart.  Especially when it comes to issues like health care, education, transportation and infrastructure, immigration reform, and the environment.

Voters know that while things are good in Texas, they’re not near where they should be.  Keeping over 1 million Texans without health insurance because of ideology is cruel and needs to stop.  Raising the minimum wage, fighting inequality, and wage theft are important issues for working Texans. And fully funding public schools in Texas and making college affordable again are extremely important for the future of Texas.

Find the candidates that inspire you. Give them money or support in any way you can.  And let’s elect some Democrats in Texas in 2014.


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