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Lies & The Lying Liars That Tell Them

The only thing worse then the media created “scandal” that Wayne Slater started this week is the fact that anyone, much less people who consider themselves journalists, would take a convicted criminal and serial liar‘s obviously edited video seriously.  And it’s sad that Wendy Davis has had to respond to the after the insults and death threats she’s been getting.

Slater’s old buddy James Moore debunked his whole original argument earlier in the week, Wendy Davis and the Amazing Media Mobile Home Mystery.

There is nothing untrue in the Wendy Davis narrative. But there is something unfair. Consider that she got loans and assistance and got into Harvard Law. Her husband helped. He knew her potential. He said as much in Slater’s article. He introduced her to people. Wendy took her children with her to Boston but, undoubtedly, discovered it is hard to do Harvard Law and raise kids. They went home to their dad. She commuted as often as affordable to be with them. She got a by-god Harvard Law degree.

Quite a tale, eh? Reframe it around a man. And here’s the interpretation: Can you believe the sacrifices he made for his family, to get his degree, and lift them out of their situation? Lived in a mobile home a few months, lived with his mother, lived in a small, cheap apartment, went into debt, paid off his loans, endured long weekends to make sure he was involved in the raising of his children while reading the law, and managed to eventually become a Texas State Senator and run for governor. The marriage didn’t survive but the couple separated amicably and continued to raise their children together and still have mutual respect. Who is this great man?

He’s a woman. Name of Wendy Davis. Democrat of Fort Worth.


The Davis Campaign should have come up with something considerably better for a response than having an articulate candidate say she needed to use “tighter language” because it suggests there is a marketing team at work and not a basic truth: A single mother endured difficulty to raise her family and succeed. That’s it. It’s a hell of a story.

As far as the video goes, I was hopeful that the Shirley Sherrod fiasco had taught the media a lesson about these highly edited “scandal” videos. But that’s not the case.  The draw of these videos, which contrive scandal, is just to strong for the media, it’s like crack for them and they just can’t put give it up.

PDiddie, has a great post on this, A furiously busy week to be a political pundit.

*Of course the title of this post is a nod to Al Franken’s 2003 book*

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