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Perry and the Texas GOP Left Me Out

Movements are what bring keep hope alive and bring about change.  That’s why what Texas Left Me Out (TLMO) is doing is so important.  Highlighting Texans and their families that are purposefully being left without health care because of a cruel right wing ideology.

Via the CPPP’s press release yesterday announcing that More Than 40 Health and Community Organizations Launch Campaign to Collect Stories and Engage with Uninsured Texans Left in the Coverage.

Today more than 40 Texas health care advocacy organizations, faith and community groups, including the Center for Public Policy Priorities, launched Texas Left Me Out, a campaign in English and Spanish to collect stories from uninsured Texans left in the coverage gap and connect them with available health care options and advocacy efforts.

While thousands of Texans living above the poverty line are successfully purchasing health plans on the Marketplace and getting help to pay for them, more than one million of Texas’ poorest adults are still being left out due to Texas’ choice to refuse billions of federal dollars to extend coverage to them.

“All of us know the people being left out of coverage; they are the working poor and we work with them every day,” said Sister JT Dwyer of Seton Healthcare Family. “It’s the veteran and his wife, the construction worker who helped build your neighborhood, the person that takes care of your child at the nursery and the health attendant that helps you care for your aging parents.”

Irma Aguilar is just one of more than one million Texans left with nowhere to turn for affordable health coverage. A 28-year-old mother of four from San Antonio, Aguilar is an assistant manager at Pizza Hut but still does not make enough money to qualify for financial assistance in the Marketplace. She has damaged disks in her neck and suffers from high blood pressure that makes her dizzy, but she’s unable to afford treatment.

“I need to be able to keep working and providing for my family, but every single day I worry about what would happen if I had to stop working because of my health conditions,” she said.

Health care navigators and certified application counselors at in-person enrollment sites all over the state are turning away hardworking Texans hoping to get health insurance because they make too little to qualify for financial assistance. Elizabeth Colvin with Insure Central Texas and her staff are having those tough conversations every day.

“We have been left with an awkward situation—a single parent of two earning $17,000 a year will receive no financial assistance for health coverage, while a second uninsured parent of two earning $20,000 a year will qualify for full health coverage for $33-per-month or less,” Colvin said. “We have to tell people that they have no options and there is no worse feeling when you know someone desperately needs a surgery or medical attention. We have to deliver the news that our society has left them out.”

That’s cruel, wrong, and if the Perry and the Texas GOP would have expanded Medicaid in Texas it wouldn’t be happening.

Here’s more from a letter TLMO sent to Texas legislators.

Dear State Legislator,

We are writing as members of Cover Texas Now – a coalition of consumer and faith – based organizations – and other supportive partners that desire to see the state of Texas implement a sustainable health care system and provide quality affordable health coverage to its citizens.

W e are writing to announce the launch of our latest campaign , Texas Left Me Out.

Texas has the highest rate of uninsured people in the United States – over six million Texans are uninsured. And consistent with the nation’s new health law ’ s purposes to improve health outcomes and reduce costs , every person is to have a way to access affordable and quality health care. But Texas’ decision that resulted in the loss of billions of federal dollars that could have expanded health coverage left more than one million Texans in a coverage gap . Texas adults above the poverty line will get publicly funded financial assistance for their health coverage, while those Texans below the poverty line will qualify for nothing.

The letter also has the list of 40 plus organizations involved.  These Texans need help, it’s available, but their elected leaders won’t allow it.  The group should be more aptly named – Perry and the Texas GOP Left Me Out.

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  2. […] Eye On Williamson on the group Texas Left Me Out (TLMO). Texans and their families that are purposefully being left without health care because of a cruel right wing ideology, Perry and the Texas GOP Left Me Out. […]

  3. […] Eye On Williamson on the group Texas Left Me Out (TLMO). Texans and their families that are purposefully being left without health care because of a cruel right wing ideology, Perry and the Texas GOP Left Me Out. […]

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